The culprit, apparently, is the lighter fabric the pants are

The culprit, apparently, is the lighter fabric the pants are


While Bierkraft is best known for its more than 1,000 bottled, canned, and draft beer selections, it’s also stocked with artisanal cheeses, chocolates, and house made spreads like chutney, sauerkraut, and olive tapenade. Pick up a few and then head to the sandwich counter, where the staff will generously pile cured meats and vegetables onto enormous baguettes. The finishing touch for your picnic lunch? House made ice cream sandwiches, though you might want to eat that first.

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The saga of the shiny silver britches, like the ones the Dawgs wore back early in the Richt era, seems to be never ending. For several years now, fans have been asking why Georgia is wearing flat gray Nike pants instead of silver pants that have some sheen wholesale jerseys from china, like several pro teams wear. The culprit, apparently, is the lighter fabric the pants are made of.

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